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Safety is paramount for all road users. A tiny chip in your windscreen has the potential to cause a serious safety issue. If the windscreen of your vehicle is damaged in any way then it needs to be repaired. The windscreen chip repair and replacement service we provide resolves any issue in a timely, comprehensive and affordable manner. Need windscreen repairs or automotive glass replacements in Calgary ? Please contact us today.

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Windshield replacement & installation
Starting $149
Windshield glass treatment
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At Auto Pro Finish, we only provide the best deal for you. If your windscreen can be repaired, we will do the job and get you back on the road quickly. But if the damage is too extensive or expensive, we will provide a car windscreen replacement service instead. We will source the windscreen, swap out the glass, and get you the best value for money. That’s our promise.

We carry an extensive range of windscreens sourced from reputable national and international suppliers. Everything in our stock complies with the Canadian standard of safety glazing for land vehicles. We carry original manufacturers’ auto glass as well as aftermarket auto glass .

If, for any reason, we are currently not carrying the product required for your car windscreen replacement, rest assured that we can order it for you.