Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating

 AutoProFinish offers Certified ceramic coating installer. Protect your car with ceramic coatings that can be applied to vehicle paint and more.

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- Exsterior ceramic coating -
- Interior ceramic coating -
- Windshield coating -
- Wheels ceramic coating -
- Trim goatings -


What is car ceramic coating ?
Ceramic coating is a liquid polumer when is applied to the exteriorof your car.The coating chemicalls is bond with the car paint and is creating a strong protection.This hard protect protects your car from exterior.
Is ceramic coating good for car?
Yes it is.Ceramic coatings is definitely good for your car provide protection as well as a permanet candy gloss shine.
What is not cover?
Ceramic coating will not protect your car from the usual threats:scratches,swirl marks and rock chips.

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